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At TITAN P.E.V. we believe in providing the highest quality Personal Electronic Vehicles in the world. Whether being purchased just for fun, or for a transportation alternative; you can rest assured at TITAN P.E.V. we will work endlessly to earn your business and not expect it. We believe electronic vehicles are the future. 

All good things start with a story. Our founder was tired of sitting in traffic for his daily 8 mile commute everyday. Needing an alternative, he thought it would be a great idea to transition to a low-cost, low- maintenance, environmentally friendly electronic scooter. He found the beauty of freeing himself from the financial drain of owning a car, and using ride-sharing services. Wanting to share his liberating experience with the world, TITAN P.E.V. was born.  

We develop the highest standard in personal electronic vehicles, manufacturers to bring you the best product that will bring you joy in transportation for years to come! 

We love our customers and we know you'll love us too!

Welcome to TITAN P.E.V.